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A double tap on a heart isn't going to build your business.

Published 12 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

Likes and followers FEEL like they're getting you somewhere, but the real value comes from building a community that cares about what you’re offering.

Most people think one viral post will launch your business into super stardom and you'll have clients booking out your calendar and throwing money at you. The truth is even when people hit a viral post and see this kind of growth, they struggle to sustain it or even gain business from that post’s popularity. Social media is a marathon, a committed relationship, not a sprint. It's like when you go to the gym, you know you have to work out consistently for a sustained amount of time before you see the results come through - but they do!

There will be times when it feels like things aren't working. I know what it feels like to sit there, feeling like you're doing all the right things but nothings working or falling into place. Under pressure by a bank account that's not where you need it to be, but feeling like posting to your accounts won't matter. I pushed through those moments, made the shifts I needed to, and ended up with new opportunities beyond what I had even expected.

My secret? The same one I use with all my clients: Set up a goal based Instagram strategy. This solves the 3 main problems most businesses struggle with on social media, which are: consistency, targeted content that actually speaks to your ideal client, and finding their audience online.

Not having those 3 key elements in place will leave you feeling like a failure - smiling when people ask how business is going but with no clients, no sales, and just a bunch of likes that don't add a dollar to your bank account behind the scenes.

If you're ready to turn your Instagram marketing around, the best way to start is setting your goals.

Get access to the Setting Intentional Instagram Goals training here:

Dhariana Lozano - Social Media Consultant

I empower women entrepreneurs who are struggling to get leads and sales from their social media marketing with intentional strategies that fit their individual needs but still get results faster than they ever have before.

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