How To Stand Out On Instagram In ONE Easy Step


Want to stand out from everyone else on Instagram? Be yourself. It really is that simple.

The issue with “being yourself” is that it can be hard to figure out how to do that in front of, or even behind a camera. And I get it, because what I find when I work with clients is that

😔 You get stuck in your own head about a million different thing

😔 You don’t really know what you want to say

😔 You might not even know exactly who you want to reach

In order to stand out you have to get to the essence of who YOU are, so that you can show up confidently and let your knowledge shine and attract the right people to you (sort of how we make friends in real life). My advice to get clear on who you are is

✨ Define your unique Point Of View (we’ll be going over how to simplify this process in the Profitable, Powerful Posting on Instagram Bootcamp which starts Dec 4)

✨ Know what kind of content works for you, so that you don’t resist the content creation process

✨ Get clear on who your ideal clients are

One last thing I want to leave you with if you don’t remember anything else from this post is that you don’t have to waste time trying to be witty, follow trends, or finding ways to be clever. Until you can figure that out, being clear is the fastest way to get from being frustrated with Instagram to being able to create content easily, grow your account, and finally start getting consistent results.

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Dhariana Lozano - Social Media & Brand Strategy Consultant

I empower women entrepreneurs who are struggling to get leads and sales from their social media marketing with intentional strategies that fit their individual needs but still get results faster than they ever have before.