How To Start Setting Yourself Up For A Fantastic 2024 on Instagram

Hi Reader,

Step 1 in success on Instagram for is to be honest with yourself.

Because if you can’t keep it real with yourself now, you’ll never going to move into the next level. Being honest with yourself isn’t bad - I want you to look to the wins you had last year to help you flourish in the next. Here are the 3 questions you should ask yourself right now so that you can set yourself up to be in the position you want to be in next year:

  1. Where are you right now? Take the emotion out of it. Did you hit your goals from last year? If not how close were you?
  2. Did your content (or account) achieve what you wanted it to? Why? Is your content bad? Where can you improve?
  3. Let’s end on a happy note with celebrating what worked! What can you repeat and optimize for next year?

The main thing these questions clear up is: Are you really doing what you should be? Is there somewhere your efforts and time can be better spent? I’m not about wasting time with busy work that makes you feel like you’re doing things when you’re not, and you shouldn’t be either.

And the only way you tee yourself up for a year of growth and opportunity is to be honest RIGHT NOW.

♥️ & ☕️


P.S. The Instagram Goal Setting Series will be coming back this year!

Dhariana Lozano - Social Media & Brand Strategy Consultant

I empower women entrepreneurs who are struggling to get leads and sales from their social media marketing with intentional strategies that fit their individual needs but still get results faster than they ever have before.