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Does Funny = 💰 On Instagram?


Hi Reader,

If you're feeling pressured to be “funny”, “witty” or “entertaining” in order to be successful on Instagram - no you don’t. If you have to TRY or it just doesn’t feel natural to be comical, or witty or any of the list of things that allegedly mean you have a better personality, please do not put that pressure on yourself. I always say try it out to see how it feels, but if it’s not a fit then it’s not a fit.

I promise you will be SO much better off embracing who you or your brand truly is. Because what happens when we try too hard? People feel it! And they will walk away because you come off as inauthentic or cringey.

What I’m saying is, instead of attempting to be something you’re not, lean fully into who you are or who your brand is.

Don’t abandon the fact that you should always try to be engaging and creative but engaging isn’t always showing off your latest dance moves.

How can you show up on Instagram more authentically today?


Dhariana Lozano - Social Media & Brand Strategy Consultant

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