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I know that Instagram marketing is not where your heart is. I know that the way you help your clients and customers IS.
Instagram is just something you need to do to connect with the people who need you right? Keep reading…

I hate to see you blocking yourself from finding the people you want to help. How? By letting “content” and all the other social media things stop you from showing up. I don’t even need you here every day, but you do need to show up.

We are all our own first critics! I’ve met so many amazing thought leaders and business owners completely freeze up when it comes to marketing their businesses on Instagram.

Here’s the secret to get going: You need to remove the emotion out of creating content for Instagram. If you keep feeling things about the post it will never get published.

Consider this equal parts putting a fire under your butt and reminding you that you already know what you need to post - just give yourself a chance by getting out of your own way. Make it as simple as you can for yourself instead of something you need to analyze “until it’s right” is not helping you grow and make sales on Instagram. Don’t worry about getting transitions right or the perfect lighting for the reel. Just get the message out there.

You’ve got this!

I will never stop saying that I’d rather you start posting and get used to it before trying to get you to post every day if you’re not ready because you simply won’t do it.

So if you’re feeling like it’s time to step up the content join me for a free masterclass this Friday, August 25. We’ll be reviewing:

✨ The 3 main questions to ask yourself that will help you get unstuck when it comes to content
✨ Techniques to optimize your content creation

Sign up: https://bit.ly/3YIJA1R

Dhariana Lozano - Social Media Consultant

I empower women entrepreneurs who are struggling to get leads and sales from their social media marketing with intentional strategies that fit their individual needs but still get results faster than they ever have before.

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